In Person Training at our office in Arlington Heights, IL
Four days of classes are scheduled from
Tuesday, Jan 17, to Friday, Jan 20
From 10 am to 4 pm
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Price: $1250 ($250 off for the first three people to register)

INSTRUCTOR: Danila Pavlova
Our 24 hours, 4-day training is specifically designed for employers or their administrative support personnel that need in-depth knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations by the Department of Transportation (DOT) program.

After successfully completing the DOT FMCSA SAFETY MANAGER CERTIFIED TRAINING, you should be able to implement proper safety training and an effective safety program for your company.
This training is for those new to the transportation safety field or those who have been in transportation safety with no prior basic training on the critical elements of safety compliance and management.

Covered essential topics to safety management will include:

Day 1, Jan 17
FMCSA rules and regulations
Safety Management Cycle (SMC)
– Policies and Procedures
– Roles and Responsibilities
– Qualification and Hiring
– Training and Communication
– Monitoring and Tracking
– Meaningful Action
Road Side Inspection
DOT Safety Audit and New Entrant Audit
Day 2, Jan 18
Driver Qualification File
– Personal and driver application
– Drug and Alcohol Testing Program & Policy
– TPAs and Consortia
– Different types of tests
– Violations and return to duty
Truck file
Trailer file
Truck binder

Day 3, Jan 19
– Basics
– Limits
– Recording Hours
– Exceptions
– ELD Basics
– How to Complete a Manual Log
– Log Books Audit and Record Keeping
Day 4, Jan 20
Accidents procedures and record keeping
Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisor

In training, we provide:
 – Detailed regulatory compliance review
 – Hands-on application of the material
 – A knowledge quiz and discussion for each area critical to the commercial motor carrier or private fleet safety performance
All materials are included in the price.

Safety Manager Certificate provided after successful completion of the training.

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